AAMI RD52:2004/(R)2010 and RD52:2004/A1:2007/(R)2010, A2:2007/(R)


Dialysate for hemodialysis (consolidated text with Amendments 1 through 4 included)
standard by Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, 05/01/2009

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Approved 9 August 2004
Amendments 1 and 2 Approved 10 December 2007
Amendments 3 and 4 Approved 24 April 2009 by ANSI

This recommended practice covers the appropriate preparation of dialysate, handling ofconcentrates, operation of water treatment equipment and handling of its product water,monitoring of systems and the dialysate produced, and risks and hazards of dialysate preparationfailure. This document also includes normative annexes (added by amendment) on specialconsiderations for home hemodialysis, self-assessment of compliance with recommendations fordialysate preparation, and special considerations for acute hemodialysis.

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