AASHTO T 254-80 (2004)


Standard Method of Test for Installing, Monitoring, and Processing Data of the Traveling Type Slope Inclinometer
standard by American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials,

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This method provides instructions for installation, monitoring, and data reduction for the traveling type slope inclinometer for use with guide casing. A slope inclinometer is a precision instrument that measures lateral displacement of a guide casing resulting from the movement of earth, concrete, or other masses. This type of instrument can be used to detect and monitor movements in earth- and rock-fill dams, highway embankments and foundations, excavation slopes, sheet pile bulkheads, concrete retaining walls, and other structures. Since the instrument is waterproof, it can be used on projects where normal measurements would not be feasible, such as the displacement of the lower portion of a pipe pile. The data, which are well suited for computer reduction, can be used to interpret shear zones in landslide areas and as a basis for predicting impending shear failures or structural failures based on the amount and rate of lateral deformation occurring.

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