ANS 15.3


Records and Reports for Research Reactors

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ANS 11/19/1974 11
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ANS 15.3 – Records and Reports for Research Reactors

The material presented herein shall establish a standard for the records, reports, and other documents required in the operation and management of a research reactor facility. It is not intended that this standard shall apply to the construction phase of a new facility. This standard includes a listing of facility reports, their content, and (when applicable) in what connection the report may be generated if it is part of a review specified in a separate standard. An example of the latter is the documentation and report of the review of experiments. See American National Standard Review of Experiments for Research Reactors, N401-1974 (ANS 15.6). This standard is not all inclusive. Certain areas such as records and reports for operator training and requalification, and for quality assurance are still under review by the appropriate ANS subcommittee. Definitions of terms used in this standard can be found in American National Standard for the Development of Technical Specifications for Research Reactors, N378-1974 (ANS 15.1) and in N401-1974 (ANS-15.6).

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