AS 3995


Design of steel lattice towers and masts

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AS 01/01/1994 61
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AS 3995 – Design of steel lattice towers and masts

This Standard sets out procedures for the determination of design wind speeds and wind loads to be used in the structural design of steel lattice towers and masts for communication purposes. It further sets out the basis for the strength assessment of members and connections of lattice towers and masts. This Standard incorporates design and analysis of guyed lattice towers and masts, design of cable tension members, footing design and criteria for assessment of existing structures. Guidance relating to maintenance and inspection, and access to steel lattice towers and masts is given in the Appendices. It is not intended to apply to the structural design of transmission line structures. The design of aluminium and cold-formed steel, other than those complying with AS 1163, is not covered by this Standard, except in relation to access to the lattice towers and masts.

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