ASME 19.6


Electrical Power Measurements

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ASME 08/06/2018 73
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ASME 19.6 – Electrical Power Measurements

It is the purpose of this Supplement to give instructions and guidance for the accurate determination of electrical powerquantities that are commonly needed in support of ASME Performance Test Codes. The choice of method and instrumentsto be used, required calculations, and corrections to be applied in any given case depend on the requirements of the PTCreferencing this Supplement, considering the purpose of the measurement, uncertainty required, and nature of the circuitto be measured.

The methods given herein include direct and indirect determinations of active power (watts), reactive power (vars),and power factor produced or consumed in alternating-current single-phase and polyphase electrical circuits, electricalgenerators, power transformers, and motors. This Supplement does not include such measurements of fundamentalelectrical properties as voltage, current, frequency, resistance, and impedance, except as needed to support the objectivesof this Supplement.

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