ASME B29.400


Combination “H” Type Mill Chains and Sprockets

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ASME 02/28/2003 36
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ASME B29.400 – Combination “H” Type Mill Chains and Sprockets

This Standard is a consolidation of two ASME standards, ASME B29.11M-1994 (CombinationChains, Attachments, and Sprocket Teeth) and ASME B29.14M-1996 (“H” Type Mill Chains,Attachments, and Sprocket Teeth). These two standards were combined into one because of the similarity of construction and the unusual applications for the two types of chains.

The ASCMA (now the American Chain Association), recognizing the need for a completestandard providing intercoupling and direct replacement of chains of different manufacture,established this Standard utilizing the minimum number of chains to meet requirements ofindustry for the chains widely used in conveyor and elevator applications.

The “H” type mill chains (B29.14M) are a derivative of the malleable detachable chains andwere developed to meet the demands of heavier duty service.

These chains were developed principally for the lumber and pulp and paper industries fordrives, transfer, and drag conveyors. They are also well adapted to elevator service of moderate speeds and loads.

Interchangeability between chains of various manufacturers is important with the widespreadusage of these chains.

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