Steam Turbines in Combined Cycles

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ASME 10/21/2011 118
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ASME PTC 6.2 – Steam Turbines in Combined Cycles

This revised Code amplifies the section on degradation; provides more guidance on correlated and uncorrelated uncertainty; addresses stability criteria – such as off-design limits of pressure and temperature; add references to relevant Codes such as ASME PTC 19.5 and PTC 19.6; complies with ASME PTC 1 and the PTC 1 Template; provides an expanded Appendix D on the Procedure for Determining N2 Packing Leakage Flow; revises many recommendations in Section 3 to requirements. i.e., use of shall instead of should. It should be used for testing steam turbines in combined cycles with or without supplementary firing and in cogeneration applications. Within these categories of combined and cogeneration cycles, ASME PTC 6.2 is applicable to condensing and noncondensing steam turbines, to reheat and nonreheat steam turbines, and to induction/ extraction steam turbines. The variety of cycles presents challenges in writing a code that addresses all issues encountered for all cycle configurations. ASME PTC 6 is the appropriate code for testing steam turbines in nuclear and fossil- fired regenerative feedwater heater cycles.

ASME PTC 6.2 is applicable only to turbines in cycles in which steam is the working fluid. This Code provides procedures for testing and calculating turbine-generator output performance corrected to reference conditions as a measure of overall turbine performance. This Code contains rules and procedures for the conduct and reporting of steam turbine testing, including requirements for pretest arrangements, testing techniques, instrumentation, methods of measurement, and methods for calculating test results and uncertainty.

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