Procedures for Routine Performance Tests of Steam Turbines

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ASME 12/15/1989 137
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ASME PTC 6S – Procedures for Routine Performance Tests of Steam Turbines

The test procedures of this Report are intended for periodic steam turbine tests. It may also be used for the analysis and supervision of relative performance throughout the life of the turbine. It does not supplant the Code (ASME PTC 6) as the basic procedure for turbine acceptance tests and for the accurate testing of steam turbines to obtain performance level with minimum uncertainty. This Report provides general recommendations for instrumentation and test planning. These recommendations are based on current industry practice for the periodic determination of turbine cycle performance.

This Report discusses interpretation of test results and shows typical plots of test data for analysis of turbine performance. It also presents test procedures for selected types of turbine cycles. Each of these procedures contains specific recommendations for instrumentation and method for testing a selected turbine type. Although all possible turbine types are not covered, some typical examples are presented. Combinations of the types presented may be used to cover other arrangements. For each recommended test procedure, the expected value of repeatability is estimated on the basis of current industry experience. This value of repeatability must be used to judge the significance of the indicated level of performance as compared to the chronological trend of past performances.

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