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Recommended Practices for Resistance Welding

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AWS 07/01/2019 132
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AWS C1.1M/C1.1 – Recommended Practices for Resistance Welding

It is the intent of AWS C1.1 to present current concepts and practices for resistance welding (and related processes) of ferrous and nonferrous metals including coated and dissimilar metals. Where practical, welding schedules are included. In other instances where schedules are too varied or the state-of-the-art is not sufficiently developed, descriptive guidelines are included to enable the user to establish welding procedures to meet its requirements.

It is important to recognize that these recommended practices are not the only means to weld the materials and thickness shown. When developing a welding schedule(s) for a particular application, the workpiece geometry, equipment employed, and production requirements will all influence the parameters and effectiveness of the process.

In using the data shown in the tables, it is imperative that reference be made to the appropriate text. Failure to refer to the text may result in misinterpretation of the data in the tables. The text has been kept as brief as possible and all extraneous comments have been omitted.

For more detailed information on the fundamentals of the resistance welding processes and the types of equipment utilized for the different processes, consult the current AWS Welding Handbook.

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