The Official Book of D1.1 Interpretations

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AWS 01/01/2008 0
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AWS D1.1-BI – The Official Book of D1.1 Interpretations

AWS D1.1, Structural Welding Code-Steel, is prepared by the AWS Structural Welding Committee. Because the Code is written in the form of a specification, it cannot present background material or discuss the committee’s intent. Since the publication of the first edition of the Code, the nature of inquiries directed to the American Welding Society and the Structural Welding Committee has indicated that there are some requirements in the Code that are either difficult to understand or not sufficiently specific, and others that appear to be overly conservative. It should be recognized that the fundamental premise of the Code is to provide general stipulations applicable to any situation and to leave sufficient latitude for the exercise of engineering judgment. Another point to be recognized is that the Code represents the collective experience of the committee; and, while some provisions may seem overly conservative, they have been based on sound engineering practice. The format of this document presents Code interpretations grouped according to the Code date.

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