IPC 9261A


In-Process DPMO and Estimated Yield for PCAs

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IPC 10/01/2006 24
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IPC 9261A – In-Process DPMO and Estimated Yield for PCAs

Now updated to align with IPC 7912 for end item DPMO, this document defines consistent methodologies for computation of in-process defects per million opportunities (DPMO) metrics for any evaluation stage in the assembly process. It is intended for use in measuring in-process assembly steps rather than end product determination. Calculation of completed item DPMO is addressed in IPC 7912. A guide to defect categorization is provided that can serve as a base for summarizing and reporting in-process defects when used with IPC J STD 001 and IPC A 610. It can also be used to develop process step estimated yield – the expected percentage of assemblies with no defects for a particular process step or combined process steps, based on historical defect rates. 12 pages. Released October 2006.

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