IPC WP-021


Considerations of New Classes of Coatings for IPC-CC-830 Revision C

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IPC 12/16/2019 12
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IPC WP-021 – Considerations of New Classes of Coatings for IPC CC 830 Revision C

The IPC-WP-021 white paper considers conformal coatings, like many high-performance materials, have evolved considerably since the 1990s. New coatings, such as fluoropolymers or hybrid coatings, have come on the market, many of which offer superior protection characteristics, but do not fit into the existing classifications of either MIL-I-46058 or IPC-CC-830. The IPC-WP-021 white paper discusses how to add new classes of coatings to the IPC-CC-830 specification, without eliminating the historical relationship to MIL-I-46058. The new classes will be added to IPC-CC-830, Revision C.

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